How Gullible Can Religious People Be?

Don’t miss the important posts below, “The Jesus-Tomb Deception” and “The Jesus-Tomb Deception, Part 2.”

This post is really a diversion from the most important issue of the weekend: the reality of the resurrection of Yeshua.

Nonetheless, I decided to quickly post two links I received from a friend, Joshua Brumbach, a rabbinical intern in a UMJC congregation in California. Joshua’s desire, and I agree, is to show what harm sloppy Hebrew Roots/Messianic Judaism can do. There is such a hunger for teaching on the Jewish background of faith in Jesus, that some people can easily be taken in by the lamest “rabbis” with no real education or understanding of the Bible or Judaism.

Check out these two links if you want to see a ridiculous story. Live and learn from them:


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3 Responses to How Gullible Can Religious People Be?

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  2. Joshua Brumbach says:

    This story is just unbelievable! And sadly, being sloppy and lax about certain standards opens up the door to these type of con artists. Now posted on that website is the second part of that investigative story.

  3. Kent says:

    I’m an Evangelical Christian, and I love Jews and Judaism. Nothing makes me more happy than commited, Torah observant Messianic Jews. And few things makes me more sad than Gentiles desperately trying to be something they’re not (i.e. Jewish). I’m not talking about sincere converts. I’m talking about people who claim to be Jewish, and who adopt a phony form of “Jewish” practice, while there is absolutely nothing Jewish about what they are doing. I don’t hate or condemn them, but I feel sorry for them. They must be so confused.

    God bless you brothers and sisters!

    Greeting from a Gentile Christian

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