Two Dwellings: A Story of Epic Proportions

The following story is about the larger story behind all that we see. It is about two dwellings of God with us. It is about the Holy of Holies and the Cross.


In the beginning there was just HaShem. And he was complete and needed nothing. But out of great love he desired to make a world and to have sons and daughters.

And first he made the sons of God, beings very like him in their nature, glorious and resplendent above all other beings God would make. They were like the morning stars.

And then HaShem sang the song of Creation and the morning stars sang with him. The sons of God shouted for joy.

HaShem freely delighted in his sons and he wanted them to freely delight in him. So he did not force them to sing harmony, but allowed them to choose.

HaSatan was one of the sons of God and the thought of rebellion occurred first to him. He chose freedom over loyalty and sang discordantly. Some of the other sons of God sang with him instead of HaShem.

HaShem’s beautiful music was marred with disharmony. Evil entered the cosmos because without unfaithfulness there could be no faithfulness. Only what is freely chosen is good, but it can also be evil.

So it happened that HaSatan learned to poison the good and mar it. He learned that HaShem’s only weakness, being the Omnipotent, was his unwillingness to force his children to obey. HaSatan saw that free will was his battlefield.

In spite of HaSatan’s discordant music, the Creation of HaShem was good. The sons of God looked in wonder and admiration on his works. The greatest was a creature a little lower than the angels, but with a body as well as a spirit. The sons of God longed to know what physical life was like.

HaSatan came to the man and woman and he tempted them. Was God being truthful with them? Was God jealous of their power? Couldn’t they become like HaShem?

Then the world was marred even more. The man and woman were put out of HaShem’s garden.

HaShem’s greatest work, his human children, were broken.

HaShem grieved. Knowing beforehand all this would take place did not lessen his pain. Before he made what was made, HaShem had joy unmarred and perfect. Love had a price and HaShem paid the price. He wept in the heavens and the sons of God were silent in awe.

HaShem said to the sons of God, “I will dwell with the sons of men twice before all is restored. Once I will dwell in a cloud of glory and then I will dwell as a son of man.”

And the sons of God were in awe. HaShem would restore the sons of men in stages, dwelling with them twice.

And the first time was in the Holy of Holies, the inner room of a sanctuary built by the sons of Israel. HaShem was hidden behind a veil. The sons of Israel could only come near the presence, but could not enter it.

Still there was great rejoicing over this dwelling. The whole land had to be kept pure, though the sons of Israel did not keep it pure. Once a year, one of these sons of Israel entered the Holy of Holies and purified it with blood, the substance of life only HaShem can make. And the life was in the blood and HaShem is the God of life and not death. And HaShem was pleased for blood to cleanse away the stench of death and evil.

Yet, this first dwelling was not nearly enough. The sons of men remained broken. They only knew a little more about the way to restoration. HaShem would restore and the sons of men would be with HaShem once again. The first time was a sign, that God can dwell with man and man can dwell with God. The way to reconciliation is through blood, for blood is life.

And it happened one day that the Holy of Holies was destroyed by evil men. And the sons of Israel suffered. And HaShem wept.

The sons of Israel built the sanctuary again, but HaShem did not dwell there. He waited. He waited for a second dwelling. The sons of God longed to look into the time of the second dwelling, but it was hidden from them.

Then, just on the eve of another time of suffering for the sons of Israel, HaShem came again. He came as a son of man, a son of Israel.

Whereas in his first dwelling he was hidden, now he was in the open. Whereas the first time he came as unbearable glory, this time he came as one of them. He came from within humanity to raise humanity up. Whereas many thousands worshipped at the place of the first dwelling, very few would believe in the second dwelling. The divine was cloaked in human form. The second dwelling was far greater yet far harder to see and believe.

The sons of Israel did not receive the second dwelling. To the first glory the sons of Israel brought the blood of bulls and goats. To the second glory they did not bring any offering but instead made him the offering. The son of man on a cross was the blood of the second glory.

The blood brought into the Holy of Holies at the first dwelling kept it clean so God could dwell with man. The blood of the second dwelling made men clean so they could dwell with God.
And HaShem said to the sons of God, “The restoration of all things is beginning. You see life comes back only through death just as life was lost through death.”

And the sons of God wondered at these words of HaShem.

And he said again, “In the first dwelling the sons of men were kept far away, but they learned that blood, because it is life, makes clean. In the second dwelling, the glory came into the sons of men as one of them, yet few believed. And in that blood, the blood of the Son of Man, there is life.”

And HaShem is working still. A third dwelling will come at the end of the age. And the sons of men and the sons of God together long to look into that time. The sons of Israel will be restored along with all the sons of men.

The sign of the first dwelling was the Holy of Holies, the glory within the veil. The sign of the second dwelling was a cross, and the glory within the son of man.

What will be the sign of the third dwelling and who of the sons of men will believe it?


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IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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  1. Hubert Rondeau says:

    Hi Derik I just thought you might like to see this sight.

    If you like it let me know

    Y/T Hubert

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