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Some Oldies, but Goodies

Shalom all: I’m having more fun with family this Rosh HaShanah than should be allowed. In an ironic twist, several of our families chose an unusual place to cast our sins on the water yesterday in a Tashlich ceremony: a … Continue reading

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Unholy Habits and High Holidays

Unholy habits. Addictions. Sins that enslave. Sins permitted and overlooked because of familiarity. I once spent several weeks getting to know an addiction support group at one of Atlanta’s mega-churches. I was impressed. The leader of the work was a … Continue reading

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Tobit and the Jewishness of the New Testament

I am developing a series of articles here on Messianic Musings about the writings of Second Temple Judaism that we call the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha. These writings, which date from after the time of the Hebrew Bible and until … Continue reading

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Menachem’s Responses and My Thoughts

Shalom all. Well, hasn’t this been an interesting thread. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to weigh in. Tirzah has an interesting story: married to an anti-missionary who was formerly a Messianic Jew. It seems that … Continue reading

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Psalm 151, A Lesson for Israel Then and Now

In our day there are Jewish and Christian bookstores full of writings of people of faith. We can find fiction and non-fiction on a variety of topics, all related to faith in God and living the teachings of the Bible. … Continue reading

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Conversion: Responding to Tirzah

Shalom all. I hope you had as great a Labor Day weekend as I did. I spent mine at a gigantic Fantasy/Science Fiction Convention called DragonCon. Awesome. There was a lot of over-the-top immorality and pagan/gothic/macabre grossness, but there was … Continue reading

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