A Change at Messianic Jewish Musings

Shalom all:

I wish I could say I know all of you. Most of you I probably have never met. I thank you for taking some of your time to read the posts here at Messianic Jewish Musings.

I am making a change in the way I get feedback here on the blog. Up until now, I have allowed anyone to comment on any post on this blog. I have talked with others who know blogs and I discovered that quite a few blogs turn the comments off. For a number of reasons, this is what I plan to do starting with this post.

This does not mean you cannot send a comment to me. You can still do that and I hope some of you will. From time to time your comment may be something I decide to print in a post. Note: if you email me a comment, I reserve the right to post it unless you ask me not to.

Send all comments to DEREKBLOGGER@GMAIL.COM

My plan for the future of this blog is to post three times per week. I will try for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but all who know me well know that I am not great at sticking to plans!

Anyway, I just created the email address derekblogger@gmail.com and would love to have a quick shout-out from any friends reading so I can break in my new email address.

Thanks for reading and I do hope that I will share things on this blog that will stimulate your thinking about Judaism, Yeshua, the Bible, and how they all go together.

Derek Leman

About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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