The Gospel and Tikkun Olam

The following is adapted from the message I gave at the congregation this weekend. I post just the first part of the article here and provide a link for you to read it in a PDF file (much more readable anyway).

What did Yeshua come here to do? What did Yeshua call us to do?

The answer to those questions might seem simple. If you grew up in church or Messianic congregation, you’ve heard talk about those things all your lives.

But maybe some traditional answers are incomplete. I think they are. I think Yeshua is doing more and is calling us to more than most of his followers realize.

In order to explain what I mean, I will attempt a bit of theologizing and then a bit of practical understanding. To get us to the goal, I will take three steps:

1. Theologizing about the myth of the sin-salvation gospel and the true meaning of God’s redemption of the world.

2. Looking more closely at two of the Bible’s classic expressions of what the gospel is.

3. Gaining practical understanding about Tikkun Olam, which is, I think, a better way of understanding God’s purpose for us.



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