God, The Measure of All Things

Tonight I was able to see more clearly than usual. I’m not writing about this to suggest anything about my clarity of vision or depth of spirituality. Far from it. The observer is not the one to be poeticized but the one observed.

I experienced the truth in an overwhelming manner that God is the center, the balance, the measure of all things.

It is what those without faith but seeking the meaning of it all are longing to know. Right is not right because it has some intrinsic value, but because God is right. Love is love because God is love.

You either get what I am saying, or you almost perceive it, or you cannot see it.

Philosophically, what I dwelt on tonight is the truth or the rightness of God. A person nauseated by the rolling sea looks to the horizon for an immovable reference. A wanderer wonders where home really is and longs for a center.

I swam for a while tonight in the sea of meaning, the place where truth was born.

I wonder, does such a strong vision only come to a theologian, one who is invested in God-thoughts day after day. Or does the same vision come at times to people who think completely differently.

I do not know. But I know what rapture is. I know what it means now and then to be completely taken captive by the beauty. Like a man in space viewing the heavenly bodies in complete wonder, sometimes God appears that way.

I’ve learned that my home, O God, is right where you are.


About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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3 Responses to God, The Measure of All Things

  1. gracecpy says:

    We Christians can easily “know” in our mind that the Lord is the center,the measure of all things. Just as Moses’ sigh : “Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.” Yet, in our real daily living, in our “heart” we long for a real person, a mentor, who could guide us and talk with us in our wandering souls. We seek for them through the ancient voice. Sometimes we seek for real persons. In either case, we might still feel bored altogether after getting to know them. As for me, I seek for “rhema”, urgently to find HIS Word. Sometimes I thought I received, sometimes I thought HE was hidden because of my inattentiveness. In listening to God, there is another temptation, that is “vanity”, drawing you to an unfulfilled situation.

  2. g2-2142b1a501386ed0af9232862af48df9 says:

    Interesting post, Derek. “A person nauseated by the rolling sea looks to the horizon for an immovable reference.” I like that. God alone must be our immovable reference. Thanks.

  3. judahgabriel says:

    That was me above, by the way, Derek. :-)

    Did you decide to open comments?

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