Religious Censorship: Imagine . . .


Fundamentalist Muslims take over the governments of the West.

And the censorship begins.

The mullahs begin changing Christian songs. Amazing Grace? But Allah’s will is mysterious and we never know where we stand with him. So maybe it is changed to, “Amazing grace we hope to find . . .”

All references to Zion and Jerusalem become Al Quds.

Maybe all references to God in hymns, songs, and the Bible become Allah.

The story of Abraham and Isaac must be changed to Abraham and Ishmael. And the story of Jesus on the cross becomes Judas on the cross and Jesus is not resurrected.

Imagine the censorship.


No, it’s what Christians did to Jews in the Middle Ages. Church leaders decided that the Talmud was an evil book. You can still find dozens of Christian anti-Semitic websites dishing out vile rhetoric against the Talmud. I’ve even had people who claimed to be Messianic Jewish send me references from such places!

Church leaders burned copies of the Talmud. In other places and times they censored the Talmud. They required changes to the text in many different ways.

I’m not making this up. You can read about it in the history books, Jewish, Christian, or secular.

The fact is, the text of the Talmud today is unreliable in certain areas because the work of burning Talmuds and censoring it did such a good job much of the correct wording is lost when the Talmud discusses non-Jews in particular.

I’m simply asking you to imagine Muslim censorship of Christianity to give you perspective. How has Christian anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism affected history? Censorship of the Talmud is just one example among many, most of said examples would include bloodshed, torture, and intolerable injustice.

Isn’t it time for the churches to repent? Isn’t it time for Christians to admit the centrality of Israel in God’s plan? yes, it is, and thankfully, a small but vocal minority is doing so. See my post last week on Barry Horner’s new book for an example (I will blog more about his book in coming weeks).

Anyway, if the Muslims come, let’s expect to have a little karma revisited upon us. In the meantime, I suggest we all repent.


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