Israel and Messianics Clarification

I received a communication today that clarifies the settlement reached yesterday in Israel (see below, “Breaking News”). The ruling would not cover all Messianic Jews, but would cover many of them: If a person was not a Jew previously (religious definition) but is a descendant of Jews, then they can make aliyah (citizenship) without discrimination for their current faith in Yeshua.

Here is the wording we got from an attorney working on the case:

Israel has said for the first time that if a person was never Jewish (according to the Law of Return) in the first place, but is the descendent of Jews, than the fact that they are “Messianic Jews” should not make any difference for purposes of Aliyah by law. These individuals have never been “Jews who changed their religion” which would exclude them from the right to immigrate to Israel, and therefore are in fact eligible according to the Law of return to make Aliyah, and their “Messianic” faith is not a relevant issue according to their written statement.

The above has been specified in a written agreement which has been ratified by the Supreme Court, and now we can use this decision for claiming your respective lawful rights from the Ministry of Interior.

This means that the case has not yet been decided for religious Jews who have since come to faith in Yeshua. But many Messianic Jews will fit into the ruling as they did not grow up as synagogue members.


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