A Reader Writes About the CJB

A few weeks ago I asked people to write in with thoughts about The Complete Jewish Bible (CJB), a translation that is a fine supplement to others on the market, such as my other favorites, the English Standard Version (ESV), the Revised Standard Version (RSV, which I like better than the NRSV), and the New American Standard (NASB).

Sometime soon I will be saying more about the Complete Jewish Bible. I plan to do a series on some important verses and how they should be rendered. Get the CJB HERE.

For now, let me let you read what a reader had to say . . .

I received my copy of The Complete Jewish Bible at the end of February and I love reading from it! I must disagree with you that this book is uncontroversial. Many of my Christian friends have balked at the idea of the New Testament being a Jewish book. Oh, that I had a copy of just the introduction Mr. Stern wrote! That would explain in detail what I try to tell them.

And speaking of his introduction – what a blessing it is! I have long felt uncomfortable with the idea that I, as a gentile, have “replaced” God’s chosen people, or become a “second” group of chosen. I have been adopted as a joint heir, and therefore must be part of the original family, that being God’s chosen people of Israel. I love the mind picture of the wild olive being grafted into the true olive tree. And I find great comfort in the fact that the branches of the original tree that have fallen shall too be grafted back. Mr. Stern really hit home with what he has to say about Christ completing the Jew and how “conversion” is not what must occur. It is not leaving the Jewish faith, but understanding the fullfilment of God’s promises. I am praying that the mission to reach those who do not see it this way, both Jewish and Gentile, will be quickly fruitful. God’s will be done.

I am currently studying the book of Romans using the CJB. I am really blessed by how clear and descriptive this translation is. When I read it, I truly feel I am “hearing” what is being conveyed. And the Proverbs! How beautiful the word pictures are.

I ordered my copy through Amazon.com and was blessed to receive not only the hardcover edition of The Complete Jewish Bible, but the softcover of the Complete New Testament Commentary for the Jewish Bible. All for a very reasonable price!


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