Essential Books: Messianic Judaism, Israel, and Christianity

There are several books I consider must-haves for those who want to get into the theology of Messianic Judaism, Israel, and Christianity. Of course it is important to have books on Biblical studies and Biblical commentary. It is important to have books on rabbinic thought, tradition, and prayer. It is vital to have books on Church History, Jewish History, and Christian Theology.

But when it comes to Messianic Judaism, Israel, and Christianity, I have a short list of books I would not want any informed person to be without:
1. Oskar Skarsaune, In the Shadow of the Temple
2. Oskar Skarsaune, Jewish Believers in Jesus: The Early Centuries
3. R. Kendall Soulen, The God of Israel and Christian Theology
4. David Stern, Messianic Judaism, formerly known as Messianic Jewish Manifesto
5. Mark Kinzer, Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism

Coming tomorrow and in days ahead, I will be commenting on a paper just delivered by Rabbi Mark Kinzer called, “Post-Missionary Messianic Judaism, Three Years Later.”

The book is academic theology written for people who regularly read academic theology. Thus, when I recommended it to a very bright member of our congregation, she came back and said, “This book is hard and it is taking me forever.”

I will explain the basics of Rabbi Kinzer’s book and those who don’t read academic theology should be able to understand my explanation easily enough.

But having said that: don’t think you should not buy this book simply because it might have jargon or be a little over your head. If you are up to a challenge and you care deeply about this Messianic Jewish movement, you need to read Rabbi Kinzer’s book. It will challenge you and it will open your mind to new things.


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