CNN’s Irresponsible Reporting: Goldwasser and Regev

I do not regularly read and I don’t watch cable at all. So I make no claim to be a monitor or to know CNN’s record in reporting from long experience.

But I decided to check CNN’s reporting of the Goldwasser-Regev murders by Hizbullah while they were prisoners of war. The usual things I hear about CNN’s biased reporting seem to be true in this irresponsible article:

First, there is no mention that Goldwasser and Regev were murdered as prisoners of war. It is possible to deduce it from the article, since they say these Israelis were kidnapped (and thus not killed in action). Yet nowhere does the article mention, find a source to state outrage about, or clarify that Hizbullah murders its prisoners while Israel keeps them alive.

Second, the Hizbullah terrorists and even mass-murderer Samir Kuntar are called militants. If CNN had a commitment to integrity in reporting the news, they at the very least would not call Kuntar a militant. This man, in 1979, snuck into Israel, killed a policeman to avoid detection, and kidnapped a family. He shot Danny Haran in the back of the head while holding him hostage. He smashed four year old Einat Haran’s head on the rocks and killed her. Yael Haran was accidentally smothered by her own mother while hiding in terror and trying to keep the toddler quiet. Yet CNN calls this brave murderer of four year olds a militant. See more at:

We’re not asking for much. We’re not asking for Israel to be given preference in reporting. We’re just asking that CNN would report the news.

See article above, “Did CNN Make Improvements to this Story?”


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