Leen Ritmeyer Imagines Golgotha

Leen Ritmeyer is the leading expert on the architecture of the temple. I have enjoyed going to Jerusalem, walking the temple mount, and using his clues to find the original square temple mount from the time of Solomon. I have his blog on my bookmarks bar. I’m glad somebody out there has this expertise and takes the time to reconstruct the past.

For the upcoming ESV Study Bible, Ritmeyer consulted on a number of temple diagrams painted by a firm in England (the Maltings Partnership). Here we see a diagram of Golgotha, the hill on which Yeshua was crucified. Golgotha was a piece of rock quarry remaining from the massive quarrying done to build the temple. It was near, but not in the city walls of the time. Thus, in the following diagram we get some idea of the grandeur of the temple in the background and Golgotha in the foreground.

Today, the site is covered by a church, the Holy Sepulchre, and is inside the 16th century walls of Jerusalem. Too bad nobody preserved it in its glory as shown here:

See more about it here at Justin Taylor’s blog.


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