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Faith Amid Pluralism: A Parable Circa 800 C.E.

Very soon I will be reviewing Philip Jenkins’ The Lost History of Christianity. This is a wow book for anyone interested in: –Continuing Jewish influences on Christianity –The interplay between Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism in the East –Pluralism and faith … Continue reading

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Sometimes asking works . . .

So, I have had several books donated so far just by asking. Thanks to all of you generous friends. My amazon wish list is still there (see two posts below), although I now have a copy of Michael Fishbane’s Sacred … Continue reading

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Triads and Revelation 1:4-6

I get a little naches (joy) when I discover patterns or poetic structures in the Bible. I know that some commentaries find them too easily and I agree we need a little reticence when it comes to identifying such poetic … Continue reading

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Books, Books, and Books

I love books. Last night, meeting with the leaders of my synagogue, I was delighted to be able to tell them I managed not to overspend, but actually to underspend, my book budget for 2008. With money tight, I’m glad … Continue reading

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Book Review: Scot McKnight, the Blue Parakeet

The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible by Scot McKnight, 2008, Zondervan. I like the Blue Parakeet and recommend it with one reservation (see below). I like this book because the metaphor is striking and memorable (I explain … Continue reading

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Apocalypses and the Apocalypse

I’m reading and rereading and teaching the book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse. It is easy to forget that this mysterious book, marking the end of the New Testament both in print and in chronology, fit right into … Continue reading

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Career Announcement and Other News

I am kvelling. That’s Yiddish for “bursting with joy.” Why am I kvelling? Because I have a job. It is good to be employed at any time, but even more so in this economy. I have known for some time … Continue reading

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