A Recent Comment and a Response to a Book Review

I got a comment from a reader named Jeff by email. He says:

I enjoy your blog, and many of the books you review end up in my Amazon wish-list. Reading your blog has become a little expensive :-)

That was so nice, I had to post it.

Also, an employee at Jewish Publication Society saw my review of The Commentator’s Bible: Exodus (which you can read here). Here is what she had to say:

Great review! I actually work at the Jewish Publication Society, and couldn’t help but notice your comment that “a quick search on the internet turned up no information about the possibility of future volumes.”

Well, I thought you might like to know that the next book in the series, Leviticus, is set to be released in October (http://www.jewishpub.org/product.php?id=327). Translating all of Miqra’ot Gedolot is a big project, but Michael Carasik is making his way through it steadily.

That is great news and thanks to Michael Carasik and JPS for investing in this commentary.


About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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2 Responses to A Recent Comment and a Response to a Book Review

  1. judahgabriel says:

    The employee saw m? No way? He really saw m?!


  2. Judah:

    I fixed the post. Don’t know why it was truncated at first.


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