A New Blog: Yinon

Psalm 72:13 says, “May his name endure for ever, his fame continue as long as the sun!”

The word for “continue” is interesting. It is written in the Masoretic text as yinnin, but is read aloud as yinnon. This is an example of the the Qere/Kethib phenomenon in which scribes passed on what they considered mistakes in the written text (out of respect for their predecessors) but suggested an oral correction in the margin for those reading the text out loud.

Yinnon is a Niphal, which can be read as a passive or reflexive (grammar lesson is almost over, don’t worry). In this case, it might be read as a reflexive, “[may his] fame continue itself/increase itself for as long as the sun!”

Joshua2 REVISEDYinon is also the new blog of Rabbi Joshua and Monique, a young couple with a lot of great things to say. They are on the blogroll to the right and you can start following them at:


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IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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3 Responses to A New Blog: Yinon

  1. mchuey says:

    I am glad to see this new blog, as I recently read some comments on the Toward a Messianic Judaism blog in favor of egalitarianism. Our broad faith community needs more voices like theirs, as we transition from one generation toward another, and confront many of the abuses of fundamentalism that have kept us from fulfilling our potential.


  2. rebyosh says:

    Derek –

    Thanks for blogging about us! In addition to the grammatical aspects, Yinon is used in rabbinic and mystical literature as a reference to Mashiach. That was one of our reasons for using it in addition to its meanings in Hebrew, as it reflects our desire to build upon and continue this wider Messianic discussion by adding new voices to the conversation. While building upon the foundations set before us, it is also time for a new kind of Messianic Judaism.

    JKM – thanks for your positive feedback!

  3. thanks for the PR, Derek! we’re only walking in your (very) big footsteps.

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