PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Caesar, Yeshua, Kingship

bronze-augustusRosh HaShanah is coming, a time when we remember the kingship of God. Kingship is an unusual topic in our modern world, but it was the reality of Yeshua’s world. In considering the context of Yeshua’s life and message, we need to look not only at the Jewish context, but also the Roman context. Our unusual king, Yeshua, once compared himself, indirectly, to the Roman kings. Yeshua’s followers have been using language to describe him that is remarkably similar to what Roman Caesars claimed for themselves.

NOTE: The obverse of the Augustus Caesar coin has a star on it (the podcast episode explains what the star means). The inscription by the star says Divus Filiu (Son of God).


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About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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