Critical of the Yeshua in Context Podcast

At, Rabbi Yonah wrote on October 1 that iTunes should not allow some podcasts to be listed under Judaism. My podcast is one of three mentioned.

Watch the video on jewlicious here:

Here is my response in the comments to jewlicious:

I am the author and presenter on the Yeshua in Context podcasts. I think most people listening to them will not find them in any sense of the word missionary.

There is an old idea: Judaism and Christianity are enemies. That road has led to mothers and fathers and children killed and harmed. I know you believe in repairing the world, not allowing such enmity to continue.

I want to support a newer idea, not at all original to me: that Jews and Christians are brothers and sisters and that Jesus (Yeshua) is a part of Jewish history.

If I believe that our movement is part of Judaism and you do not, you have the right to your opinion. Meanwhile, Judaism is my home and my podcast is, in my opinion, Jewish.

May your Sukkah be a delight and may the theme of the inclusion of the nations at Sukkot speak to all Jewish souls.

Derek Leman


About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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1 Response to Critical of the Yeshua in Context Podcast

  1. judahgabriel says:

    Eloquently and peacefully stated, Derek. Let us know if iTunes changes its policy.

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