Haggadah for the Birth of Messiah

Calling on all Apple computer people . . . I have a little problem. I typed my Hagaddah into Mellel so I could mix Hebrew and English. Mellel does not have an option to save to PDF. Any ideas?

At the bottom of this post I have a link to a Haggadah for the Birth of Messiah.

The genesis of this Haggadah was a suggestion by Jon Cline that intermarried families might use a service, some readings, and activity ideas for December when the Christian side of the family celebrates Christmas.

Jon’s suggestion took on new life as others in the Messianic Jewish community pointed to a need for some material for the study of Messiah’s birth.

From the discussions that led to the Haggadah, we suggest several ways a family might use it:

1. Intermarried families who desire to do something about Christmas might find here either an alternative celebration or something to add to the family tradition and bring the Bible and Jewish tradition to bear on the celebration.

2. Messianic Jewish families might use it when the reading cycle comes to Shemot, the beginning of Exodus. The similarities between the birth story of Moses and that of Yeshua are a theme in the book of Matthew.

3. There are various reading cycles for the New Testament accompanying the Torah and Haftarah readings in the Messianic Jewish community. The Haggadah For the Birth of Messiah might be used at the time when the infancy narratives of Yeshua (Luke 1-2; Matthew 1-2) are being read.

4. There is a tradition which does not have sound historical support that Yeshua was born during Sukkot. Although the historical basis of this tradition is shaky, it has a wide following in some circles and makes symbolic sense (earthly tabernacles of divine glory are a good parallel to the birth of God’s Son). The Haggadah For the Birth of Messiah might make a good addition to a family or synagogue celebration of Sukkot.

However you use this Haggadah, may your sense of the reality of Messiah be a blessing and may you pass to the next generation a strong identity as Jews following Messiah.



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5 Responses to Haggadah for the Birth of Messiah

  1. Derek – it’s odd that Mellel doesn’t have a PDF export option. However – don’t fear. Mac OS has this built-in. Just use the Print option and then select the PDF option in the bottom left of the print dialogue (you should have a few options).

  2. dansangelflew says:

    Thank you so much for this Derek. God Bless you and yours.

  3. judahgabriel says:

    Derek, I’m pleasantly surprised by this work. Nice job, and thanks for this contribution. I’ll point some traffic your way tomorrow.

  4. Thanks, dansangelflew and Judah.

    Thanks diggingdarren for helping me get a PDF from Mellel.

    Happy seventh night of Hanukkah, all.

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