A Better Copy in PDF of Haggadah for the Birth of Messiah

Many thanks to diggindarren whose comment yesterday clued me in about how to generate a PDF from Mellel. This copy of the Haggadah will print beautifully. Incidentally, this Haggadah and the others I have produced are works in progress. I welcome suggestions and criticisms in the comments or by email (derekblogger@gmail.com). At the link below you will find Haggadahs for Shavuot, Sukkot, and the Birth of Messiah. All will be available in nice print editions in the next year or two:



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IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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4 Responses to A Better Copy in PDF of Haggadah for the Birth of Messiah

  1. jewishmother1210 says:

    I’m glad you have created this haggadah and hope it helps intermarrieds who have decided on having Christian homes. For intermarrieds raising Jewish children, I hope that they use this hagaddah during Hanukkah and not as a way to Jew-ify Christmas or feel less guilty for celebrating it.

    To me, the debate on whether or not a Jewish family should celebrate Christmas, Messianic or otherwise, is incomplete. The answer is found within the intent of the family, the goal. To many families make decisions based on just feelings and former alliances and do not have a value system, mission statement if you will, with which they refer to.

    For a family committed to raising Jewish children, not Christian children who appreciate Judaism, but real Jewish children who have a heart for Israel and are connected to a Jewish way of life, Christmas has little to no place in the home. We can’t think we’re above the basic laws of cultural transmissions: look at history, do a mother and father pass on a solid sense of identity by making the house a mixed bag of observances? No. Children are always looking around (not listening, but looking) and forming the answer to the question: “Who am I?”

    Christmas trees are cute and pretty. They have nothing to do with Judaism so we admire from afar. One of the reasons non-messianic Jews have such a hard time taking us seriously is because we play with sacred things. Can a Jew step into the house of a so-called Messianic Jew and understand why they just *must* have a Christmas tree? No. What does a Christmas tree have to do with Christ? Who is truly being honored?

    We’re not an Orthodox, or strictly religious family (I’m typing this on Shabbat afterall), but my children will know they are Jewish as our Judaism is a part of everyday, not just the holidays. They won’t say “hamotzi” no matter what they are eating (c’mon, there are only a few more blessings to learn!), they will always remember how their mother scrambled to create a beautiful peaceful Shabbat…their Judaism will be more than memorized Wikipedia entries.

    So, to those raising Christian children with mild Jewish inclinations or Christian families who love “Jewish things” I say celebrate Christmas. But to those raising Jewish children who understand and are connected to Judaism with every bone in their body, fiber of their being…try harder.

  2. jewishmother1210 says:

    Why we say no to Christmas. Jesus once said to not do something that will make your brother stumble. If an attachment to a shiny tree of Santa is more important than being able to authentically reach out to mainstream Jews, then we have serious problems. If sentiments of Rudolph and red hats are more important that being able to share our faith with a people we claim to belong to, then we do not care as much as we claim to.


  3. jewishmother:

    I don’t understand a few things in your second comment. (1) We do not reach out to Jews from MJ, as we are Jews and it is reaching in. (2) Your sort of mocking tone about Santa and Rudolph seem to be addressed to someone else as nothing I have said has anything to do with trees, Santa, or Rudolph. Have you read the Haggadah I prepared? Did you read the posts where I talked about my reasons for releasing it in December? Your first comment seemed to interact with what I was saying and then, I don’t know if you had amnesia or what, but your second misses by a mile.

  4. jewishmother1210 says:

    Hi Derek! Yes, I made my point badly :) What I meant is that as a Judaism we have to consider where our heart lies and how authentic of a Judaiasm we are presenting ourselves to mainstream Judaism. This isn’t directed at you, it’s directed at the whole of Messianic Judaism. We have to think: “Is this good for the (mainstream) Jews in terms of reaching out to them?” before we get attached to symbols that have nothing to do with faith in Yeshua.

    PS. It was nice talking to you! If I’m in Atlanta in 2101 I will come by.

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