Who Moved the Ladder? Biblical Archaeology Review

The latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review has a fascinating and hilarious story of mystery.

I’ve been to Israel eight times and I’ve seen the Holy Sepulchre church each time. I’ve heard my favorite tour guide (Itai) explain many times that a certain ladder on the building front has been there for 150 years. It’s bottom touches a Catholic section and its top touches an Orthodox section of the building. The denominations have not been able to agree what to do with the ladder or any needed restoration of the outside of the building.

This ladder is in an explosive denominational standoff!

But, mystery of mysteries, a photo taken in February 2009 shows that the ladder was briefly moved from the right window (where it has resided for 99.999% of the last 150 years) to the left window.

Who moved it? Who then moved it back? Was there a squabble? Oh the scandal!

The Ladder as it Was Photographed in February

The Ladder as it Usually Is


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1 Response to Who Moved the Ladder? Biblical Archaeology Review

  1. rebyosh says:


    LOL … I was actually just reading this article in BAR this morning. How funny. An intriguing mystery indeed.

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