PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – The “Real” Yeshua

** Coming in 2010, my book is due for release: Yeshua in Context: Sketches of the Life and Times of Yeshua the Messiah. Look for news and opportunities to be involved. **

Who is the real Yeshua? There have been different ways to pursue this question and different motives for doing it. Some have been on a quest for the “historical Jesus.” Others have tried to delve the depths of the “Christ of faith.” What does “real” mean, why do we want to find the real Yeshua, and what would the search look like?

Knowing the limitless differences in people — varied paths in life, divergent influences — no quest book or historical investigation or thoughtful sermon will universally satisfy. Yet if there is one universal in the quest for knowing Yeshua, it is something universal to all areas of human study. I am talking about the idea of story. The real Yeshua exists, as does everything and every person we know about life, in stories.


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About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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11 Responses to PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – The “Real” Yeshua

  1. christian4moses says:

    For a refreshing introspection on the quest you might find D.C. Allison’s The Historial Christ and the Theological Jesus interesting.

    Good luck with your book!

  2. emissary4messiah says:

    The real Yeshua Rabbeinu was Jewish and is Jewish. He lived a Jewish life. what more do you need. He life was that of an Orthodox Jew. Look at the time He lived and “where” He lived, “Israel” not America and Thank G-d. You have to get beyond your westernization thinking, and think Middle Eastern, The Israeli thinking about the “faith of Israel”, not Judaism.
    You have to remember the thinking of Devekut, a Chassidic concept which is used today in Chassidic circles, you have the Besorat HaGeulah to tell you everyting.
    Think Jewish.
    Just remember:
    Yeshua Ad-neinu, Moreinu v’Rabbeinu, Melech HaMoshiach L’Olam Vaed!

  3. Emissary4messiah:

    Do you realize that you come off as rather rude when you talk to people that way?

    The best comments come from people who listen and engage, not people who offer advice that does not fit the situation. I’m tempted to be sarcastic about your response, but I am trying to be more ethical in my discussion with people this year (see the post from Monday).

    If you want to comment here, you will need to have something to say of substance. For example, if you think all we need to know about Yeshua is that he was an “Orthodox Jew,” then: (a) you need to know there were no Orthodox Jews in Yeshua’s time and (b) you have to realize you have failed to say almost anything about what Yeshua’s aim was or what his teaching was about.

    And if you want to argue that I am being too Western and not Middle Eastern enough, you should support your claim with some specific critiques.

    I usually delete comments like yours because they generate bad feelings without making any positive contribution.

    Derek Leman

  4. emissary4messiah says:

    He life was that of an Orthodox Jew “Today” I was not implying that He was, I was simply stating that He had a life like one. it is obvious that you come from poor education. I’m have to be sarcastic about your response.

    The Jewish people have lived in exile since the age of Yeshua’s Shluchim. So has the Gospel. Like the Jewish people, the Gospel began in Eretz Yisrael (NOT IN AMERICA LIKE YOU THINK) – The land of Israel. Like the Jewish people, the Gospel spread out into every nation of the globe. So, just as the Jewish people reside among the nations of the Diaspora, so the Gospel is in exile because it has been removed from its context and disconnected from its point of origin as the Jewish people have been removed from their origin-their land. But the time is now for the exile to come to an end.
    Now, at the culmination of the ages, Jews are returning to Eretz Yisrael, and to the Torah. In a similar way, the Gospel is returning from exile. So as we see over the past couple of years, the Gospel is returning to its Torah context and reconnecting with its original origin.
    “Gospel” is a word we hear tossed around a lot today. We call a certain style of music “gospel,” designated as such because of the particular sound it has. When we want someone to believe what we’re telling them, people like you say, “It’s the gospel truth!” We hear people say they are “preaching the gospel,” when, in reality, they don’t seem to know what the term really means. Sadly, the word “gospel” has largely lost its meaning in today’s culture.
    The word “gospel” in the Hebrew means “to bring or to proclaim.” The way one says it in Hebrew would be: “basar tov” – meaning good news. We are to proclaim or to bring the Message of Mashiach, and who He is, we are to proclaim His life, death, and resurrection.

    Rude! your funny, I guess I am to sit and not defend the Gospel like you suppose,

    Well Peter (Cephas) Opposed by Paul:

    “But when Cephas – (Peter) came to Antioch, I – (Paul) opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned.
    For prior to the coming of certain men from James, he used to eat with the Gentiles; but when they came, he began to withdraw and hold himself aloof, fearing the party of the circumcision.” Galatians 2:11,12

    Sefer Mattityahu of Besorat HaGe’ulah (Matthew 28:19-20)
    “Go therefore and make Talmidim – (disciples) of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, – (Abba, Bar, VeRuach HaKodesh) teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
    The two verses I’ve just read are often referred to as the “great commission.” Notice that it is a commission instead of a suggestion. Yeshua Rabbeinu never suggested that we His Shluchim carry the Besorat HaGe’ulah to the world. It was, and is, a mitzvah and indeed a very great mitzvah.

    I can go on and defend the Gospel agaisnt people like you. but I would be casting my pearls before swine.

  5. slipknotgirl says:

    I ran Across this conversation. Well I am on “emissary4messiah”s side and not “derek4messiah” and “geneShlomovich”. You guys don’t take criticism well, you must be highly offended by the truth when it is in your face!!! He was clearly in defense for messiah. He knows what he is talking about and you two don’t even sound jewish. and another thing why do you even care about who does and doesn’t like christianity when you say your jewish?huh? I don’t think you should talk crap to people who know what their talking about!! And by the way Mr.”GeneShlomovich” who was even talking to you? you should’ve just kept your two cents out of this!
    nice talking to you,Gentile so called Jews!!

  6. Slipknotgirl:

    I have no idea where this anger is coming from. But I decided I will try and take you seriously.

    What are we arguing about? What is the “truth in my face” that I am missing?

    You and emissary4messiah are in the running for rudest-commenters-ever on Messianic Jewish Musings. Care to explain: (a) what you’re angry about and (b) how the way you are speaking to other people honors Messiah?

    Derek Leman

  7. peterygwendyta says:

    I am looking forward to your book. It should be interesting.
    As for emissary4m and slipknotgirl it their type of attitude that puts people off. They claim that they are Torah observant. Maybe they are but their attitude lacks the spirit of Torah. If your aim is to get people to start believing the way you do then I am sorry to say that you will fail miserably with attitudes like that. If someone says something that I don’t agree with, that is fine is is when the are rude and obnoxious that it annoys me. As a Christian who has been learning and looking into the hebriac roots of my faith I would rather read something written by Derek or Gene even if I disagreed with them than something by either of yous simply because of attitude but then again in your opinion I am probably going to hell anyway because I am a Christian. Please if you are going to say anything please say it in humility and with a good attitude otherwise nobody listen’s. By the way when are you going to answer the questions that Derek gave you unless you can’t.

    Sorry Derek for butting in here but I felt this needed to be said.

  8. slipknotgirl says:

    Okay, I had to take time away from my busy Schedule just to satisfy your worriedness of my answering your comment. YEAH RIGHT!! I am just doing this so that you can realize the point of this whole conversation and by the way, you did butt in to this conversation.I am not trying to be rude but if that is the way it seems than so be it. You did butt into the conversation just like Mr.”genesimmons Shlomovich”.haha any ways..for you “mr.petergyno” and mr”derekwannnabeJew”, i go to a real synagogue, And according to Chabad, you gentile wanna be Jews are not Jews at all and Are not welcome in my land.(Israel).we Jews are getting tired of you messianic gentiles and christians thinking you are Jewish when we already have a couple bad ones in hollywood, we don’t need anymore. I am just a teen and probably know more than you rude people will ever learn from Christian “How to be like Jews” sites. If you want to be Jewish you don’t learn how to do it from the christians. OMG, did they make a book called”how to be Jewish for dummies?” I mean come in now you can’t learn something from Christians who don’t know what they are talking about. Even my dog has more common sense than you.Just to be honest. And another thing for “Petergyno” you shouldn’t even care what we are talking about you are just a little Christian. your not jewish and until you are stay out of Jewish people conversations. I hope this wasn’t too rude or offensive for you Three grown Gentile, Christian wannebe Jewish people.And at least you,”petergyno”will have company when you go to hell.

    And remember stay off the drugs, i think you guys had too much.
    Say no to drugs, HAHAHAHA

  9. peterygwendyta says:

    Slipknotgirl that was the rudest comment I ever read and you still failed to answer the questions that Derek asked. What are you scared of. By the way I never once claimed to be Jewish so obviously you never read my comment. Before you even think of commenting again please go back to school and learn some manners. And by the way most of what you wrote doesn’t make much sense and as for butting in why did you butt in as well, please think before you write it would really help everyone.

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