Best Info I’ve Seen on the Qeiyafa Ostracon

The Qeiyafa Ostracon is a triangular piece of pottery found at Khirbet Qieyafa in a 2008 archaeological expedition thought to be from the rough period of David. Some articles are making mildly sensationalistic claims about it. I suspect it is Hebrew. I am dubious about the reading that is being proposed, though it may be correct. I think the ostracon shows us nothing revolutionary. As the author of the article I link below states, we already know Israel was around as some kind of political entity in the 1200’s because of the Merneptah Stele, we have significant evidence of Hebrew as a written language prior to David’s time already (depending on how you take the evidence of ancient Biblical poetry), and there has been no good reason to doubt the existence of written Hebrew in David’s time. Here is a thorough explanation and a good reason to be at SBL/ASOR in Atlanta this November:

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