NEWS: A Discount Promotion from JPS for J-BOM

You can buy the March selection for J-BOM directly from JPS for a 30% discount. They contacted us today and offered this promotion. I asked them to include a selection of other books fitting for Passover in the deal, and they did, all at 30% off. JPS is a non-profit serving the Jewish world and though with the discount their price will still be a tad higher than amazon, you’re helping a good cause by purchasing from JPS. So, please go to the link below for a discounted price and give a big thanks to JPS.

Note: I have the Commentator’s Bible on Exodus. I highly recommend it. The Survivor’s Haggadah and the Moriah Haggadah look awesome. If you don’t have the Five Megilloth, this is a very affordable resource you will be glad to have.

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7 Responses to NEWS: A Discount Promotion from JPS for J-BOM

  1. judahgabriel says:

    Wonderful! Although it sucks that it’s still more expensive than Amazon. Bah. Well, maybe it’s best we return the kind gesture by buying from them directly.

  2. yochanan says:

    I agree with judah that it is a goodwill gesture to buy directly from JPS in response to JPS’ kind offer plus they will get the full price of book without having to give amazon their cut.

  3. tnnonline says:

    JPS materials are never on the “affordable” end of the spectrum. I have picked up practically brand new volumes of the Word Biblical Commentary for less than $5, whereas I have seen the JPS Haftarah commentary go on Amazon for over $1500!

  4. Wow, $1500. I hope you bought a copy for me, J.K. :-)

  5. cliff says:

    You’ve got another participant.. Ordered a copy today. This will be great homework for people hosting a Seder! A tip: if you are on the JPS e-mail list, then you should have received a 40% off coupon in February. I won’t post the code publicly, but I could forward the email if anyone is interested.

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