PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Wicked Tenants, Pt 2

The death of Yeshua is not salvation for all in Israel. For some it is a final act of doom. Yet the vineyard will be given to others, the newly constituted leaders of Israel, the twelve who have followed Yeshua and who will understand all of this later, after the resurrection.

Yeshua is more than a prophet and the movement he leaves is more than a band of disciples. Yeshua is not only the son, in this telling of the story, but the beloved son. It is the same thing the heavenly voice said about Yeshua at the baptism (Mark 1:11; Matt 3:17; Luke 3:22).

In this second part of our exploration of the Wicked Tenants parable (Mk 12), we consider the meaning and application of Yeshua’s words. As is often the case, Yeshua’s parable has layers, is complex, and even mysterious. Who is this father who sends his beloved son to certain death?

Watch for the book, audiobook, and ebook of Yeshua in Context to be released in August 2010. To pre-order, email me at derek4messiah@gmail.com


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