PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Messiah’s Sabbath Work

Yeshua was involved in controversies about the Sabbath. He often healed people on the Sabbath. Jewish leaders accused him of breaking the Sabbath when he did this. Yeshua used a number of arguments to justify his healing on the Sabbath day, including humanitarian and theological arguments. But in John 5, Yeshua uses a startling argument, and then expounds further on the work given him to do by the Father. It is work that must be done all the time. Yeshua’s argument, a very Jewish one reflected in later rabbinic literature, is that God is not inactive on the Sabbath. And neither is Yeshua, because Yeshua is the one God has entrusted with the very work that must be done continually: giving life and judging the world. It may not seem Jewish to speak of Yeshua as divine, but Yeshua spoke of his divinity in completely Jewish terms.

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