Classic MJM Reading: Older Posts on Ancient Israel

I was challenged by a commenter to suggest posts I have written in the past about the historical reliability of the Hebrew Bible vis a vis certain critical theories which regard the older stories about Israel as a myth. I thought, rather than simply embedding these links in a comment, other readers might appreciate some reading about this issue. Do you believe the history in the Hebrew Bible is reliable? I do. I’ve not written the definitive series on this yet, but here are some musings from the past as I struggle with this issue:


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3 Responses to Classic MJM Reading: Older Posts on Ancient Israel

  1. The Hebrew Bible mentiones a place in close vicinity of Jericho, called Gilgal which means circle of standing stones, and refers to a stone circle that is believed to have been there, perhaps of similar age as Avebury.
    When Joshua led his people to the Holy Land he faced accustomed proplem; an untamed land that had to be conquered. The Israelites started to tame the land much in the same way as for instance my ancestors did when they first came to Iceland many centuries later.
    According to my research the Israelites commenced to pace an Image of Creation on the virgin land. At Gilgal near Jerico was a place of Light, –a place attributed to the start of summer on the Image of Creation´s sunwatch. Gilgal is measured from Lachish, through Bayt Jibrin and Har HaMenuchot, exactly 216000 feet, 66+km. Another line extended from the Dead Sea to opposide side of the Cosmic Image, again, a distance of 216000 feet to where is now the city of Lod. Those lines crossed on a hill which became the Image of Creation´s sacred center, called Har HaMenuchot. Due south from Har HaMenuchot was another sacred place where the Church of the Nativity is located, one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the world, built over the cave that tradition marks as the birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth and considered sacred by followers of both Christianity and Islam. A place of ancient universal sacredness as mentioned in my book; The Measure of the Cosmos. It appears to have been a common practice, thousands of years before our era, to tame virgin lands in this same way. Image´s of Creation, with 216000 feet diameter was paced on land by initial tribes who made it their habitat.
    It was no easy task for monotheistic people to orient them selves. If you like, see my book, blogs and;

  2. Petur:

    I assume you know enough about Jews to know I cannot agree with your comment.

    Inasmuch as you are a seeker of God and the deeper meaning of life, I wish you the best in your endeavors. I confess, though, it is my hope that you will see the errors of the magical view of the world to the view that all is under the authority of the Holy One, blessed be he.

    Derek Leman

  3. Bless.

    All the best Derek.

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