A Journey Story of Note by Tandi

I hope Tandi doesn’t mind me posting a link to her blog post. She and I occasionally spar in the comment fields here (and for a brief period at another forum). But as online personalities we have known each other a few years. Tandi and I don’t agree about a number of issues (and she finds me too skeptical, academic, and dangerous in my style of interpretation). But I find her story interesting for several reasons:

(1) Being in a rather isolated theological position, she has been without regular community for some time and just now has the blessing of finding like-minded people to worship God with. Hey, even if I have some differences with a community like the one she describes, I also have commonalities (reverence for the Bible, God, Yeshua). And I don’t look down on Methodists or Catholics because we have a few differences.

(2) Her story is very interesting and revealing in illuminating the thinking of a certain Sabbath-keeping Christian mindset. Notice the things she says about FFOZ and Tim Hegg’s forum and so on.

Tandi, may you be blessed with fresh visions of God’s glory each week as you drive to your fellowship and here’s to the day when we all reach unity and clarity.



About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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5 Responses to A Journey Story of Note by Tandi

  1. danbenzvi says:

    Derek, this why I like you, you are, after all the tumult, a mensh.

  2. danbenzvi says:

    Derek, this why I like you, you are, after all the tumult, a mensh.

  3. Gene Shlomovich says:

    Dan now-a-days likes Derek so much, he had to say it twice:)

  4. Maureen LaFaive says:

    Derek, I am glad that you find my story interesting and illuminating about a certain segment’s mindset. I used to feel that I was a voice for like-minded “hidden Messianics” too timid to post on the blogs and forums. In fact, some used to email me and say so with appreciation. They did not want to be mocked and bashed so I took the punches for them with the thicker skin I had developed. (I remember the first time I posted at ffoz blog years ago with my concerns about the direction they were heading. Those who came to the defense of Boaz tore me to shreds! I was in tears. Same thing happened with my first post at TR when I voiced my concerns about the 39 Melachot being taught at Beth Immanuel. But someone defended me….and became my hero. And the two that bashed me the most became friends eventually. This is rough and tumble dialogue sometimes, but we end up having affinity and affection for one another somehow. We are all “outcasts” in a sense……whether shunned by family, friends, organizations…..maybe we bond on that level. We can all relate to the sorrows of standing for our convictions.

    Thank you for the nice prayer, Derek. I am even more committed to this group of people after our last gathering…..no matter what differences and disappointments may develop…..because the LORD gave me another “sign”. You’ll notice I mention “the swan pond” in my testimony? Guess what I saw out on the lake near the place of fellowship that night……….a group of swans!

  5. Maureen (Tandi):

    My portion in the New Testament today was Acts 11:1-18. In it, a group of Jews confronts a radical new idea: non-Jews coming to Messiah and being blessed with the Spirit. If we were to talk about people with very different backgrounds and much room to distrust each other, we might point to the early Jewish and non-Jewish disciples and the struggle to understand the congregation of Messiah as a unity.

    If they could find unity in spite of difference, recognizing the greater priority of Yeshua’s lordship, so can we.

    I am glad to hear of the continuing mercies God shows you. He gives us a hard road but never completely or for too long a time without encouragements.

    Derek Leman

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