We Did It, Rudolph on Paul’s Rule

I pointed many of you fine blog readers a few weeks ago to a great article by David Rudolph, a friend and a Messianic Jewish New Testament scholar. Other Messianic Jewish bloggers also urged readers to view David’s article. It was important to us to raise the profile of Messianic Jews and Christians who understand Jewish-Christian relations with the academic community.

So, to see that our get-the-word-out campaign succeeded, check the following link:

If you did not yet read David’s paper (“‘Paul’s Rule in All the Churches’ (1 Cor 7:17-24) and Torah-Defined Ecclesiological Variegation”), here it is:


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2 Responses to We Did It, Rudolph on Paul’s Rule

  1. asadia says:

    yay!!! good read :)

  2. jennbrooke says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to dive into the material!

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