About the Anti-Jesus Preachers of Orthodox Judaism

I deleted another set of comments today by an Orthodox Jew who is against Messianic as well as Reform and Conservative Judaism. In his fundamentalist zeal, he buys the idea that Orthodox Judaism has all the answers. I wonder if he is aware of the vast amount of dispute between varying Orthodox interpretations. Anyway, the point is, if you are an Orthodox Jew and wish to comment, fine. If you wish to use the readership I have built up to preach against Jesus, not fine. Get your own blog and if your message is worthy, perhaps people will read it. I don’t preach on Orthodox Jewish blogs. You only make yourselves look bad and do a disservice to the many Orthodox who love kindness and justice, matters which I’d advise you to pay more attention to.


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IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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5 Responses to About the Anti-Jesus Preachers of Orthodox Judaism

  1. meir613 says:


    The “dispute[s] between varying Orthodox interpretations” are all part of our G-d-given way of arriving at His truth. Halacha is a process, and using the divinely-given principles of Biblical analysis, the Sages derive the Halacha. When a non-Jew, like yourself, seeks to change these standards, your identity and purpose become clear. You do not stand with G-d or His Torah.



  2. Meir:

    I’ll allow this comment to stand, though you could stand a little more kindness in your tone.

    So, right after you said, in a comment I deleted, that there is only one halacha, you now admit that halacha is not at all a settled matter and there is much room for disagreement.

    I don’t think your rejection of all other forms of Judaism takes into account that Orthodox Judaism is more than one form. You contradict yourself.

    I am not a non-Jew. Nor do I change halacha. I interpret halacha and you do as well. Neither you nor I have a corner on what the halacha is or should be. So why not open up a little and stop painting your little group of Jews into a corner as the only righteous on earth. God’s love is far bigger than that.

  3. PraetorDrew says:

    I did a brief youtube video on the Orthodox criticism of Messianic Judaism. I think any Orthodox Jews wishing to critique the Messianic movement should watch it:

  4. Rey says:


    Very good video!! “The Truth shall set you free”…in discussions lets put away our bias and set our hearts on The Truth!

  5. PraetorDrew says:

    Please check out the channel as well. It has links to other resources

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