Why the Beatitudes Are Much Loved

A friend I care about wrote on his blog that during the past few years, having lost his faith in Yeshua, he has recently considered him with fresh eyes and still cannot see the greatness. About Yeshua’s teaching he said, “In terms of teaching, that is to say, the general lines which we might with the help of scholarship extract from the Gospel accounts, I find him not to be exceptional, at least not more than other charismatic teachers in Jewish tradition.” This post on YeshuaInContext.com is one of many I will be doing on the Teaching of Yeshua. I had my friend in mind as I wrote it. Here is a brief excerpt and then you can jump to the full post via the link:

Yeshua had two things that proved his words worthy of devoting one’s life. He lived what he professed and he gave evidence of having authority to back up his assurances. He comforted mourners and lifted up unimportant people. He showed that the kingdom of heaven can be partially here amongst those who will bring its qualities into life now. His kingdom aims were not simply to draw a following of desperate poor with a false assurance of future hope. Rather, he taught the movement that followed him how to become communities of healing while waiting for the full arrival of God’s reign.


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IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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