Babel in the Enuma Elish

See my last post about the daily commentary I write. It was fun today in Genesis 11:1-9 to explore the relationship between the biblical story and the mythical version from the Enuma Elish. Many are unaware of the many parallels between the creation, flood, and Babylon stories of the Bible and Ancient Near Eastern myth. Here is an excerpt:

Babylon, by the Euphrates, lacks mountains. Ancients tended to worship gods on mountains (even Israel, both the righteous on Mt. Zion and the disobedient on the high places). The Greeks had Mt. Olympus and numerous examples of mountain abodes of deity existed in the mythological world of the past. In the Enuma Elish 6.48-79 the gods wanted to honor Marduk and so they built Babylon, molding bricks for a year and constructing a tower “as high as heaven.” The Biblical version of Babel (Babylon), as is the case in every other parallel story, casts the Babylon story in a different light.


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