Comments Rolling Now on Why OJ’s Should Believe

My post from October 13 is drawing some worthwhile discussion now. Check it out:


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5 Responses to Comments Rolling Now on Why OJ’s Should Believe

  1. Note that, according to Meir in those comments, the main objection to Jesus faith is the belief that Yeshua is divine. Take note of this. I have seen many Messianics overly concerned that our services aren’t Jewish enough, or that we have too many gentiles among us, or…

    The bottom line is that Yeshua-as-Lord is the stumbling stone. Everything else is a smoke screen.

  2. Judah:

    Just because one issue is important (the divinity of Jesus) does not mean hundreds of other issues are also important. The integrity of the leader, the caring of the people, the hospitality of the members, the commitment of a congregation to serving people and helping people in need, and a host of other issues are all vital and important. Being authentic in Jewish practice is important for a Messianic synagogue also. We should do all these things and come forth with the best fruit.

    • It’s not that its the only issue, it’s that it’s the most important issue.

      We spend far too much time worrying — and arguing amongst ourselves — about how we look to the Jewish world, worrying about our congregational composition, or how traditional our services are. Superficial, I say. The crux is Yeshua-as-Lord.

      • Judah, what you say reminds me of a joke I once heard:

        During a Sunday school at one church the teacher showed the kids in her classroom a picture of a squirrel sitting on a branch. The teacher then asked the class if they could tell her what was on the picture. A little girl, taught as she was that “Jesus is everything”, timidly raised her hand and said: “I know it’s “Jesus”, but it looks so much like a “squirrel”.

        So Judah, likewise, in our own lives as well sometimes a “squirrel” is just that – a furry little animal. It’s not being superficial to also pay attention to smaller things as if they don’t exist or unimportant – it’s about not ignoring reality.

  3. jgj84la says:

    I think MJ should care about what it looks like to the Jewish world. It is about respect. Also, MJ chould consider itself part of the greater body of Judaism.

    Yes, Yeshua is the major point of contention for the greater body of Judaism. Let’s not add to the list.

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