Conferences and Presentations on Yeshua

Since Yeshua in Context: The Life and Times of Yeshua the Messiah was released on August 30, I’ve been in nine churches talking with people about the historical Jesus, the gospels, the need for gospel reading as a regular discipline for all his followers, the meaning of the Beatitudes and more. In November, I head to Missouri where I have one presentation scheduled at a church and where I will be making an audiobook version to be released by First Fruits of Zion.

I am planning, along with other leaders, writers, and speakers, some conferences on the life of Yeshua. The main one we are planning will be for pastors, rabbis, other kinds of leaders in congregations, and seminary students.

One tagline I thought up (for promoting to churches), and we wonder how it strikes you, is: The Jewish Jesus is the best antidote to the decay of Jesus faith in our generation. Opinions?

Are you a pastor or Messianic rabbi who wants to have an event, large or small, for leaders in your area? Email me at derek4messiah at gmail. If a larger group of leaders can be reached, we can have a full seminar in your area with four or five presenters, all with the research background and practical experience at communicating the historical Yeshua to a postmodern audience.

Do you have a small group, church, Messianic synagogue, or similar group that wants a presentation? Email me at derek4messiah at gmail.

To order Yeshua in Context, click here for


About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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