PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – The Untransfiguration

“Tell no one of the vision, until the Son of Man is raised from the dead,” said Yeshua.

Chapter 1 of Yeshua in Context is about stories, Yeshua’s story and ours (and how they intersect). The story of Yeshua has problems which is the very reason so many do not believe. It doesn’t serve the cause for us to pretend that Yeshua is easy to believe in. Rather than being easy to believe in, it is rather that his story is so compelling, we believe in it despite the problems.

Take the story of Yeshua’s transfiguration, his metamorphosis in front of the disciples into his glorified state (as he will be in the Age to Come). It is a story of triumph. And in the gospels, stories of triumph are always followed by stories of defeat. There must be an untransfiguration. And as Dale Allison, a leading commentator on Matthew’s gospel, shows, there is indeed an untransfiguration.

NEWS: The audiobook is being produced and will soon be available. Also, slated for 2011, we will release a number of resources including one I haven’t mentioned yet: Yeshua for Small Groups, a combination of discussion questions, journal activity, and online resources for those who want to go deeper. Look also for Mark: An Audio Commentary from a Judeo-Christian Perspective.

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