Israel 2011, Trip Forming

I’m forming a group to travel to Israel in July 2011. The dates are not yet firmly established. There are already 25 people planning to come along on this trip and we don’t want more than 40 or 45. The cost is not yet established, but for a ten day trip (thirteen days travel in all) counting airfare, two meals a day, bus, hotel, guide, and entrance fees to sites, the cost will likely be $3,500 plus or minus a few per person.

Of course, I will do talk on the context of Yeshua’s life and how the history of Israel in the biblical period informs our view of God, Messiah, and future hope.

Unlike the last tour I put together, this one will not be so athletic or rugged. Many did not want to hike so much or spend a night in a tent in the desert. If you would be able in January to put down a deposit and sign up for the tour, contact me at derek4messiah at gmail.

About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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