Pagan Christianity?

Boaz Michael says it well. Christianity-despisers need to do some historical homework and quit throwing stones. Judeo-Christian and Messianic Jewish belief is neither anti-Christianity nor anti-Judaism. Boaz gets very honest and a touch angry here. It makes for great reading. PAGAN ROOTS OF CHRISTIANITY by Boaz Michael.


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  2. drake82dunaway says:

    It’s well-known that G-d teaches people through mediums they understand. I have heard it said that each plague visited on Egypt was a reflection of the 10 chief deities of Egypt, and the impotence of their gods. Gods of the fields, cattle, Nile, etc. I have also heard it said that the “hardening of Pharaoh’s heart” mimicked the Egyptian day of judgment, in which the dead Pharaoh had to place his heart on the scales, and they had to balance with the “feather of truth,” otherwise he would be rejected. Paul pointed to the statue of the Unknown God amidst the Greeks, and St. Boniface hewed the Tree of Thor in Germania (always thought Thor was kinda cool), noticing a sapling growing from the trunk some time later, he pointed to that being the new solstice symbol for the new faith. It’s said that the debate over the use of icons was so contentious for the fact that Jews were more literate than most races, and gentiles had to be shown pictures to learn the stories. I think all the men who made these decisions assumed that none of the people they preached to would learn to read, let alone understand the wisdom of the sages, torah, prophets in all their intricacies.

    All of these are examples I think of how G-d meets people where they are and relates to them on the terms they know. And Laus Deo for that.

    Yet, I default to the times of the Torah not out of contempt for my fellow believer (some do and I don’t like it), but because I am not a Goth in Germania, nor an Egyptian, nor a Greek. Unlike the Greek, I know my G-d, unlike the Goth, I can read, unlike the Egyptian, I am alive after the Torah was given to Moshe. Would such examples have been invented were people more open and educated to receive such a complex document?

    I don’t think practicing mainline church holidays are evil or satanic, and they are lovely. Even Dennis Prager like them and he’s OJ! G-d’s message was put into cultural braille for a world that was blind to the zeitgeist of the Word. Now that we have technology, literacy, histrionics, and education normalized into the population, I prefer to leave the braille and go to the source.

    And try my best to live and experience the source.

    A holy Christmas to all,

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