PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Women as Eyewitnesses

At the end of each of the four gospels, in the scenes at the cross, the burial, and the empty tomb of Yeshua, we find something different: the sudden presence of women who are listed by name. The concentration of women in such short space in all four gospels raises questions. Why, in gospels that have not emphasized the role of women, do they suddenly and specifically appear at the end of each gospel? Why are some named and others unnamed? Why are different women named at the cross, burial, and empty tomb? And, what might we learn overall about Yeshua’s view of the role of women or the view of the disciples?

Mostly a meditation on the findings of Richard Bauckham from his book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, this podcast is about history, Yeshua, and the women who witnessed and gave testimony to the climactic events of his life.

COMING: In early February, Yeshua for Small Groups and also The Yeshua Messiah Children’s Series, Book 1. In May, Mark: An Audio Commentary in Judeo-Christian Perspective. See more at YeshuaInContext.com.

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