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Tidbits from the ArchaeoBlogs, December 13

At, I’ve posted RSS feeds and some info leading to some of my favorite Biblio, Archaeo, MJ, Judeo, and Theo blogs. Over time, I will refine and improve the site. My intention is to create a place for people … Continue reading

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Feasting in the Age to Come

Visions of feasting recur in our dreams. Two images of happiness predominate: the adventure and the feast. God describes what he has for us in the age to come in terms of a rich banquet with wine and meat. There … Continue reading

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One.Life, Following Jesus with McKnight

I pre-ordered One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow by Scot McKight on Kindle. That means that while others are waiting for their paperback to arrive by mail from amazon, I already have my copy and I’ve started reading. Few people answer … Continue reading

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Disciple-Fail in Mark

I’m not sure if the Fail Blog will take notice, but the gospel of Mark has a strong theme of disciple-fail. Is this simply a relic of the past or is disciple-fail a live option for modern disciples too? What … Continue reading

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A Nice Review of My Book, Feast

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Israel 2011, Trip Forming

I’m forming a group to travel to Israel in July 2011. The dates are not yet firmly established. There are already 25 people planning to come along on this trip and we don’t want more than 40 or 45. The … Continue reading

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Mt. Carmel Fire Out; Plant Trees!

Those of us who have sat on the hillsides of Carmel and imagined the days of Elijah or read the poetry about flocks and vineyards there are sad at the devastation. Four to five million trees are gone. Of course, … Continue reading

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Tidbits from MJPassages ArchaeoBlogs

If you follow Messianic Jewish Musings, you know I recently launched a metasite called to track some leading BiblioBlogs, ArcheoBlogs, JudeoBlogs, MJBlogs, and more. Here are two examples of noteworthy news items I might have missed if I had … Continue reading


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Miracles (C.S. Lewis), #2

These posts on Lewis’s book about miracles are part of a parallel series I am doing on Lewis and Heschel. See “God in Search of Man, #1” and “Miracles (C.S. Lewis), #1” for more explanation on my rationale. The argument … Continue reading

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God in Search of Man, #2

Since Messianic Judaism is a hybrid of Judaism and Christianity, I had the bright idea of doing a blog series on a great, modern thinker from Judaism and another from Christianity. Obviously (many will agree) the choice for Judaism is … Continue reading

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Israel Tour Anyone?

I just got a call from an old friend. She wants to go to Israel and is looking for a tour group. I haven’t led a tour since December 2008. I tried to put one together for January 2011 and … Continue reading

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