2011, Yeshua, Books, Moving Forward

Thousands of different people come to MJ Musings throughout the year. Most of you reading this are regulars. I want to tell you about some upcoming Yeshua media projects and ways you can help (no, this is not an ask for donations, just an ask for a purchase here or there from amazon or from my online store). Your participation can help make sure that a Judaically informed view of Jesus, Paul, and the Bible in general gets a hearing. Plus, I have new audiobooks to tell you about and a children’s series. Follow after the jump to see more . . .


1. I have a number of books listed on Amazon.com. Yeshua in Context isn’t there yet (profits for a publisher from amazon are low, and I’m waiting before I put Yeshua in Context on there). But a surprisingly low number of purchase decisions can drive books up in the rankings. If you want to help, I am listing, in order of priority, some books I’d love you to consider buying on amazon this month. Each one is a link:
Jesus Didn’t Have Blue Eyes – my first “Jesus” book. Get it for yourself or for a Christian friend who needs to see the historical Jesus as a Jew and broaden their horizons.
Paul Didn’t Eat Pork – An overlooked and practical guide that answers the most common questions I get here on Messianic Jewish Musings. Christians want to know how Jewish rituals can be compatible with faith in Jesus. Jews want to know if Messianic Judaism and Judaically Informed Christianity conflict with Paul, who supposedly became anti-Judaic. Hardly. Appendices explain the burning issues like Peter’s vision in Acts 10 and so on.
A New Look at the Old Testament – This one answers another burning question I get here a lot: what’s up with the sacrifices and the clean-unclean laws? Understand the Hebrew Bible and get beyond shallow understandings all the while seeing it leading up to the revelation of Yeshua (but not in the shallow way too often represented with overly wooden “Messianic prophecies”).
The World to Come – Published by Lederer. If you love the image of the better world foretold by Israel’s prophets, if you love C.S. Lewis’s images of life beyond, if you want to stir your imagination about hope and the future, this is a simple introduction to what may become your favorite subject. Also available for Kindle.

2. You can support the development of YESHUA IN CONTEXT materials. We already have the paperback, the eBook, iPad, and Kindle version, and *NEW* the audiobook. Buy a book, eBook, or audiobook of Yeshua in Context: The Life and Times of Yeshua the Messiah and support the development of other materials such as you will see listed below. Already have the book, buy the audiobook for a friend or get the eBook too or buy another paperback for someone you know needs it. Click here to get the Yeshua in Context book, eBook, or audiobook.

3. I’m working with a local artist (a great one) named Drake Dunaway on a children’s series telling the Yeshua stories the way they should be (in my opinion). That means two things different from the poor representations of Jesus currently on bookstore shelves: (a) the actual, Jewish, historical Jesus instead of the blue-eyed, watered-down, Mr. Rogers Jesus and (b) a more intelligent version of the story, more like it actually is in the gospels, assuming that children aspire to learn things which may be a bit beyond their current comprehension instead of assuming kids are best served by simplistic misrepresentations. The first book, hopefully, will be ready by early February. Your purchases of my various books as advertised here will help make this children’s series happen and when the book comes out, we’ll want to make a dozen or more volumes in the series, which we can do with your help.

4. In May, I plan to release an audio-commentary on Mark. It will give you 75 days of daily listening (probably 10 minutes a day, though not yet field-tested with regard to length) to the new DHE translation of Mark by Vine of David (based on Christian Hebraist Franz Delitzsch’s Hebrew translation of the gospels) and my commentary which will inform you about the literary and historical issues in the gospel.

5. ONE LAST WAY YOU CAN HELP: schedule me to come and speak to your synagogue, church, or group. Email me a derek4messiah at gmail.

About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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2 Responses to 2011, Yeshua, Books, Moving Forward

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  2. Cliff.C says:

    I’ll be getting “World to Come” on Kindle. Just a matter of time. Very much look forward to your Children’s series!

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