PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Demon Fail

What gospel gives the highest view of Yeshua’s exalted identity? John, of course. But after John, one of the synoptics stands high above the rest. That would be Mark.

This story happens after the confession of Peter, and the rebuke of Peter, and the Transfiguration. The identity of Yeshua is high drama in this part of Mark. And then Yeshua and the three disciples come back to the other nine. They have experienced a failure to heal an epileptic boy (with a mute spirit). They’ve experienced demon fail. And Mark gives us a powerful narrative showing a glimpse behind the veil. Yeshua is revealed in an apocalyptic manner.

COMING: The children’s book is at the printer and will be available by mid-February. Yeshua for Small Groups is due in March. The audio commentary on Mark will be ready in May.


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