Changes and Delays on Children’s Book

It will be a while now for the release of the children’s book. The size turned out not to look good at all (when my wife got the proof she called me and said, “Bigger”). Turns out the landscape orientation of the book is a real problem for the printing industry (many children’s books are mass-produced on offset presses in China).

So, we’re first of all making it a double-issue: “Yeshua Rouses Slumbering Galilee” and “Yeshua Comes Home to Nazareth.” Second, due to overwhelming demand I’m renaming the series “The Messiah Yeshua Series.” Third, we’re looking at different portrait orientation sizes. It will be out before summer.

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IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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5 Responses to Changes and Delays on Children’s Book

  1. benicho says:

    What’s the problem with your layout? There are a few decent digital printers ( has given me good results) with cheap quality prints. Their book quality is good and cheap depending on the number of books you’re running. Book sizes are always limited because of course all these large digital presses (offset as well) gang a lot of jobs together.

  2. robyn says:

    I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

  3. Jason Hess says:

    Despite the delay I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. benicho:

    we wanted to make it 8 X 10 landscape and it has high res B&W images. would have to fun on offset presses and not sheet feeder. high setup.

    looking now at another size (thinking 8 X 8) which means redoing art and also making it a double issue, so have to get art for the whole second story.

  5. stevepurtell says:

    After seeing the book at service it does need to be bigger. But I love the graphics and title! I think it will be a great success.

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