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Where Did the Haggadah Come From?

I run into confusion all the time about Passover. People ask me, “Where is the parsley in the Bible?” Or people ask, “How do Jewish people today slaughter the lamb and do they still put blood on the door?” For … Continue reading

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After Three Days? Third Day? Yeshua and Passover

In February, March, and early April I’ll have plenty of Passover goodness here at Messianic Jewish Musings. At this time of year we need good inspiration about Passover, insight into the haggadah, tips for better Seders, and also to explore … Continue reading

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What the Heck, Michael Rood?

Just a little while ago, a staffer at Michael Rood’s organization tried to leave a comment here which was nothing but a link to entice people to Rood’s website. See the comment here. The blog advertised by this commenter must … Continue reading

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Understanding Yeshua’s Temple Protest Action

A new article at the Yeshua in Context blog that may illuminate this much-discussed story for you:

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Discipleship and the Fig Tree

I wrote my morning commentary on the gospel portion for today (Mark 11:12-14 and 20-25). I felt as though my close reading of Mark, after several years of studying the history surrounding the life of Yeshua, helped me understand the … Continue reading

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Near Atlanta? Interested in Classes?

Starting April 2011, local community classes at the Tikvat David Learning Center. Plus a summer seminar with guest musicians and speakers. Click here for info.

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Comments on the New Format?

Some friends told me the previous theme at Messianic Jewish Musings was not easy to read on some browsers (the text was transparent, they say). How do you like this theme for readability? The colors can change (and I might … Continue reading

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Teaching Faith to Youth

I’ve been doing a short series on Sabbath afternoons with the youth of our congregation talking about faith. I didn’t have any when I was a teenager and was not raised in any sort of religious environment. So I find, … Continue reading

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Classic Repost: Ephesians 1 in Context

I include here an excerpt from an October 2009 post which in itself is a repost of an October 2008 post about Ephesians 1. I first learned that Ephesians 1 could be read this way from a lecture series by … Continue reading

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Hashivenu 2011, Day 3

Today was the controversial day. The issue here is community. What could be controversial about that? Mark Kinzer read his paper today, the second and last major paper of the conference: “Messianic Jewish Community: Standing and Serving as a Priestly … Continue reading

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Hashivenu 2011, Day 2

This year’s Hashivenu Forum in Agoura Hills, California, is about community and Messianic Judaism. I had a day-long experience of community here. It is a different kind of community. A kind you don’t get to experience every week of the … Continue reading

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