Yeshua in Context PODCAST: Jewish Jesus

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Some see him as the “first Christian.” That is an interesting way of putting it. No one, as far as I know, actually uses that terminology. But it is between the lines of much, maybe most, writing about Jesus. The really bad stuff, the all-too-common rhetoric that makes us wince, is the Pharisees-as-Judaism and Jesus-as-the-first-Christian approach.

Why doesn’t the average church and the average pastor present a fuller picture of who Jesus was and is? Why aren’t the gospels read and taken seriously?

I discuss in this podcast some of my own experience. In late 1987, I had just decided that God is real. I had accepted as true the story of Jesus on the cross and Jesus risen from the dead. But the next eye-opener for me was the idea of a Jewish Jesus. I couldn’t let the idea go, even when a local megachurch encouraged me to forget about it and blend in. Maybe you have had a similar experience yourself.

…JUNE 5, 2011 “Eyewitnesses in the Gospels,” a seminar in Atlanta. Email me at yeshuaincontext at gmail if you would like info about coming.
…More “Yeshua in Context” resources are coming out this year. Stay tuned.


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  1. truthceeker says:

    I have been focused on this issue too lately. :-)

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