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Liturgy, Some Scattered Thoughts

My experience last Sunday at an Episcopal church near Memphis has me thinking about liturgy. I did not grow up in either a Christian or a Jewish context. In my faith journey, I came to a Southern Baptist church as … Continue reading

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Communion Under the Anglo Jesus

God has friends and servants in all kinds of places. The face of Messiah looks different and yet the same. I’ve had a number of encounters with beautiful people and communities on the road recently. Humble shepherds, selfless servants, devoted … Continue reading

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CLASSIC REPRINT: The Purim-Passover Connection

From last year, an article on the little known connections between Passover and Purim. I pray your Purim celebration is filled with joy this weekend. What do hamentaschen and matzos have in common? What accord could there be between Pharaoh … Continue reading

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Robin Parry: New Article on Universalism

The new Rob Bell book has the topic of universalism on the minds of millions. Robin Parry (who wrote a much better book than Bell’s on the subject) writes here about seven myths concerning Christian universalism. As I have said, … Continue reading

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PODCAST – The UnConqueror – Yeshua in Context

The last part of Isaiah is about a figure who has been described as the Anointed Conqueror, a messianic figure whose robe is dipped in blood, who brings vindication, but who also sets the oppressed free and binds up the … Continue reading

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Luke’s Temptation Narrative

At the Yeshua in Context blog I have some commentary today on Luke’s Temptation account. Why does Luke emphasize the filling of the Spirit? How is Luke’s understanding of the Spirit more subtle than the usual way people think about … Continue reading

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Rabbi Kinbar on “Four Generations” and Discipleship

This is what we who follow Yeshua need to be about:

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