MJ About to Get a Media Boost!

New partnerships have been planned for over six months and are about to appear on the scene Monday, April 18 (the day of preparation for Passover). Messianic Jewish Musings is moving. Messianic Judaism is going to start getting a boost in ratings. These are the essentials. Now for a few details . . .

Messianic Judaism Media, my other job besides being a congregational rabbi and writing reams of paperless online articles day and night, is about to launch its website on Monday. It will be a blog collaboration. And all existing posts on “Messianic Jewish Musings” will remain right here but will also be ported over to the new site. So your links to “Messianic Jewish Musings” posts will all still work. But you will need to change your RSS feed subscriptions and so on to the new location: MessianicJudaism.me/Musings (it won’t work until Monday). I will finish up Monday with a big, easy-to-read link that reminds everyone of the new location.

So what is this all about?

We’ll have four blogs and a main site aggregating all four of them.

(1) MessianicJudaism.me/Musings – That’s me.

(2) MessianicJudaism.me/Yinon – That’s the fan-favorite young team: Rabbi Joshua Brumbach and activist-attorney-working-for-tikkun-olam Monique Brumbach. Yes, the Yinon blog will be partnering with “Messianic Jewish Musings” and Messianic Judaism Media. I’d expect also to see an increase in awesomeness from the good Rabbi Brumbach in 2011. I have not asked Monique if she’ll write to the world more often in the future, but we can hope. Rabbi Joshua and Monique have some big news! It’s news that is starting to become public but I don’t think a giant, grand announcement has happened yet. Maybe this will spur them to a gigantic announcement. (Hint: It’s not a baby…I have to say that since people usually think this is the issue with young couples and I don’t want to get in trouble for starting a rumor mill.)

(3) MessianicJudaism.me/Agenda – The inimitable Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann returns to blogging! Hold on, world. “The Messianic Agenda” will be Rabbi D’s new forum for inspiration, information, education, and visionary writing. As the visionary leader behind many of the advances in Messianic Judaism over the last few decades, Rabbi Dauermann is an agent of change. And he is also a radio host in L.A. (has been for something like 8 months now) with his Shalom Talk program (see ShalomTalk.com).

(4) MessianicJudaism.me/Media – A guest and issues blog. We’ll feature provocative as well as inspirational articles by a variety of leaders and thinkers in Messianic Judaism. We won’t post often. The starting plan is one article per month and to have much discussion. Our lead piece, which rolls out Monday, is provocative. Let the discussions ensue!

And, while I do not exactly know yet what it will look like, MessianicJudaism.me will be an aggregator page, showing what is happening on all four blogs. I see the prototype Thursday and can’t wait.

Messianic Judaism Media
Our motto is, “Changing the world by changing minds about Messianic Judaism.”

We have a number of platforms we’ll be supporting with media events and publications. We’re choosing our platforms carefully in areas such as Jewish-Christian relations, Yeshua and Judaism, outreach methodology, Jewish identity and faith in Yeshua, supersessionism and Christianity, returning the affection of Jews and Christians to the Holy City Jerusalem, and more.

Oo! I love progress!


About Derek Leman

IT guy working in the associations industry. Formerly a congregational rabbi. Dad of 8. Nerd.
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2 Responses to MJ About to Get a Media Boost!

  1. rebyosh says:

    (Hint: It’s not a baby…I have to say that since people usually think this is the issue with young couples and I don’t want to get in trouble for starting a rumor mill.)

    LOL … thanks for that clarification!

    And for all those chomping at the bit to find out what the big announcement is, we promise we will announce it on the new MessianicJudaism.me site at some point!

  2. tiqun says:

    Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!

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