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The Lead Codices Aren’t … They Just Aren’t

They are not long lost texts that will redefine the meaning of Jesus’ death. They are not a find to rival the Dead Sea Scrolls. There is a chance they may turn out to be something quite significant — but … Continue reading

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MJPassages 12-31-10

Fish in the Israeli desert? Jim Davila comments on Simcha Jacobovici (the Naked Archaeologist). Synagogues in the Middle Ages using the Greek Bible? Free eBook versions of the Siddur? The Economist says PhD’s are not worthwhile?

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Bible & Archaeology News 12-29

Will the Russians find Sodom beneath the Dead Sea? . . . A humorous rejoinder (with pictures) to mythicists (they say Yeshua is a myth). . . . A scholar commends caring about both TEXT and ARTIFACT.

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Tidbits from the ArchaeoBlogs, December 13

At, I’ve posted RSS feeds and some info leading to some of my favorite Biblio, Archaeo, MJ, Judeo, and Theo blogs. Over time, I will refine and improve the site. My intention is to create a place for people … Continue reading

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Announcement: MJPassages Your intersection for good things Jewish, Christian, Messianic Jewish, Judeo-Christian, biblical, archaeological, and theological. It’s not yet a finished product, but there’s a good bit already to explore. Should be easy to explore on your triptophan buzz this Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Milk and What Kind of Honey?

It’s known as the land of milk and honey. The primary meaning of honey (d’vash) here is probably fruit honey, such as date syrup, which was a common part of the diet in ancient Israel and surrounding lands. But evidence … Continue reading

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Babel in the Enuma Elish

See my last post about the daily commentary I write. It was fun today in Genesis 11:1-9 to explore the relationship between the biblical story and the mythical version from the Enuma Elish. Many are unaware of the many parallels … Continue reading

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