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“Knowledge” Transcending Knowledge

I’m giving a Skype seminar next Wednesday to a small group in Texas. With the cost of airline travel and gasoline, it only makes sense for a small group to find an alternative. I’m interested to see how it all … Continue reading

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Also Messiah of the High & Mighty

On the Yeshua in Context blog, I explore the not-so-poor-and-lowly among Yeshua’s disciples and those he served. Preview: Don’t forget also the woman with the issue of blood (as the King James has immortalized her in Mark 5:25). She had … Continue reading

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Rabbi Kinbar on “Four Generations” and Discipleship

This is what we who follow Yeshua need to be about:

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Messiah’s Desire (vs. Satan’s)

Passover is a time when we think about not only Exodus but also, as Messianic Jews and Christians, the Last Supper. That train of thought led me to consider a saying of Yeshua at the Last Supper, a saying found … Continue reading

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Discipleship in [Coming] Hard Times

And now for something really controversial. “Late have I loved you,” lamented Augustine. At the tender age of 43 I feel as though I have been previously blind to the specific social, economic, and communal instructions of Messiah. A paradigm … Continue reading

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Discipleship and the Fig Tree

I wrote my morning commentary on the gospel portion for today (Mark 11:12-14 and 20-25). I felt as though my close reading of Mark, after several years of studying the history surrounding the life of Yeshua, helped me understand the … Continue reading

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Obstacles to faith . . . from Yeshua?

A friend gave me some feedback on some recent commentary I wrote on Mark 7:24-30. I said that Yeshua at times puts obstacles in the way of those who come to him. They are faith obstacles. And they have to … Continue reading

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