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Teaching Faith to Youth

I’ve been doing a short series on Sabbath afternoons with the youth of our congregation talking about faith. I didn’t have any when I was a teenager and was not raised in any sort of religious environment. So I find, … Continue reading

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Is Faith Imagined?

Many people suspect so. And I don’t just mean the critics. Many people who believe wonder, “Am I just imagining this?” I used to hear as an objection to faith, “It’s wish-fulfillment. You wish there were such a thing as … Continue reading

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Obstacles to faith . . . from Yeshua?

A friend gave me some feedback on some recent commentary I wrote on Mark 7:24-30. I said that Yeshua at times puts obstacles in the way of those who come to him. They are faith obstacles. And they have to … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context – Yeshua and Miracles

Today a commenter on the Yeshua in Context blog said that belief in the supernatural has no place in the college classroom or serious academic research. He believes Jesus is a myth. He says that religion scholars should not make … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi, God, the Universe, and Us

Science fiction was my religion once. Asimov was my prophet and Clark too, and my teacher was Sagan. That was before I came to Jesus and Judaism. Some of the radical amazement I used to feel for the vastness of … Continue reading

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Frodo and Providence

At my Tolkien blog (don’t laugh . . . writing is a way I think and remember) I consider the gentle, effective way providence enters into Lord of the Rings. Let us use the strength and hearts and wits we … Continue reading

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Mount Sinai and Mount Zion

I wrote something for a Christian audience explaining Hebrews 12:18-29. It is a passage, like many in Hebrews, which can be misunderstood as anti-Jewish or anti-Torah. Actually, it is a pro-Torah message of considerable genius, as I try to show … Continue reading

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