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A New Passover Haggadah for Christians

Let me start by answering an objection that will occur to some readers, especially various mainstream Jewish readers who drop by: “Passover isn’t for Christians.” If you’ve heard this or if it comes into you mind, you really should take … Continue reading

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Passover: Early Preparations

Last year, you said you were going to do it. You probably said the same the year before. This year: do it. Start preparing for Passover early. Why are most Seders inept and boring? It is because people either don’t … Continue reading

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Happy Tu B’Shevat!

It starts at sundown tonight. The Leman family is having its Seder tomorrow before sundown (for various reasons of family schedule). We’ll be using Bloom! by First Fruits of Zion. See it here (you can always have a late Seder … Continue reading

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Yeshua’s Prayer

In yesterday’s post, I was unable to put up links to the mp3 files for the newly written melody of the Avinu (Lord’s Prayer). I have the files uploaded and the links ready today (in this post and back in … Continue reading

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Just Got Bloom! and Plant!

We’ve been snowed in all week in Atlanta. Mail came today for this first time this week. I was excited to get my Tu B’Shevat haggadahs from First Fruits. I wrote about Bloom! and Plant! here. And it’s not too … Continue reading

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Bloom! Where You Are Planted!

Whether you’re Jewish or Christian (or both), I’d like to plant two ideas in your mind about January 2011. Get it . . . plant. (1) Tu B’Shevat – the new year for trees on the traditional Jewish calendar, Thursday … Continue reading

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News: The Life and Sayings of Yeshua, a Jewish book

The Mishnah was compiled in 200 CE. The midrashim, the early ones, may have been compiled in the fifth century. The four books of the life and sayings of Yeshua called the gospels were compiled between 67 and 90 CE. … Continue reading

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