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PODCAST: Faith in Waiting – Yeshua in Context

I’m wondering if we can look over Luke’s shoulder as he orders and shapes the storytelling in Luke 8. Does he order and shape these very familiar stories in a pattern that sends a message to the community in his … Continue reading

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Poor in Spirit

How important is it to interpret a biblical text well? Obsession with details of theology, which is at least close to the same thing as obsession with a good interpretation of a sacred text, has been compared to speculating about … Continue reading

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Discipleship in [Coming] Hard Times

And now for something really controversial. “Late have I loved you,” lamented Augustine. At the tender age of 43 I feel as though I have been previously blind to the specific social, economic, and communal instructions of Messiah. A paradigm … Continue reading

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Yeshua’s Prayer

In yesterday’s post, I was unable to put up links to the mp3 files for the newly written melody of the Avinu (Lord’s Prayer). I have the files uploaded and the links ready today (in this post and back in … Continue reading

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The Mountain in the Sermon

The following information is derived from a paper by Eric Ottenheijm of the University of Utrecht presented at the 2010 Society of Biblical Literature in the Matthew section. In Matthew 5:1, Yeshua went up on “the mountain.” No one knows … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Yeshua in Context, Kingdom Concepts

Kingdom is a word more people have been using to describe the essence of Yeshua’s message in the last decade. What is it about beyond generalities? A few of Yeshua’s sayings on the matter are well-known. A few are rarely … Continue reading

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Why the Beatitudes Are Much Loved

A friend I care about wrote on his blog that during the past few years, having lost his faith in Yeshua, he has recently considered him with fresh eyes and still cannot see the greatness. About Yeshua’s teaching he said, … Continue reading

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